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Next-Gen GERPHOS flame retardants for coating

Coatings serve a multifaceted role in modern applications, acting as barriers against environmental threats, enhancing aesthetics, and providing protection to underlying surfaces. From industrial machinery and automotive finishes to architectural structures and everyday household items, the influence of coatings is pervasive. While the primary focus often revolves around coatings’ visual appeal and protective capabilities, the underlying safety aspect, especially concerning fire resistance, is of paramount importance. In environments where there’s a heightened risk of fire incidents – be it industrial settings, crowded public spaces, or residential areas – the role of a flame retardant becomes indispensable. GERPHOS, with its innovative flame retardant properties, emerges as the go-to solution for manufacturers and industries worldwide. It offers the assurance that, even under intense heat or direct flame exposure, coated surfaces will resist ignition longer, buying crucial time for preventive measures and ensuring reduced damage.

Next-generation GERPHOS flame retardants greatly elevate the fire resistance of coating applications. When GERPHOS is incorporated into coating formulations, it significantly reduces the coating’s propensity to ignite and propagate flames. This advancement is vital for surfaces and environments prone to fire exposure, ensuring that coated materials not only maintain their aesthetic and protective functions but also adhere to stringent fire safety standards.

GERPHOS Next Generation Flame Retardants
Coating Flame Retardants
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