Engineering a safer world with next-generation flame retardants

Apply in ANY resin

From PVC to PU High Solids, apply effortlessly in any type of a resin

PASS toughest fire standards

Pass the most recent and most difficult fire standards with your current materials

access most demanding markets

Deliver flame retarded materials across wide spectrum of markets


Improve the resilience and safety of your materials with next-generation GERPHOS flame retardants

Powerful, yet halogen-free

Future-proof, high-performance flame retardancy without the use of halogens

Free from antimony trioxide

Ideal for all safety-concerning applications that regulate the use of antimony trioxide

Toxic-free and Zero VOCs

Harmless and toxic-free: with no VOCs, GERPHOS is the perfect choice for use in public transport

Easy to apply in various resins

Blends easily with various polymers, including PVC, polyurethane, and acrylates

Optimizing production costs

Engineered for each individual material matrix using minimum functional solution

Faster R&D with rapid testing

Product developers benefit from quick and easy small specimen fire-standard testing

Color fastness with low pigment dose

Excellent color performance with a lower pigment dosage needed than in conventional flame retardants

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